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Our Firm

SFP strives to create value based, long term personal relationships through strategic financial planning. Our philosophy is based on four key principles in order to manage your wealth comprehensively.

Create and Grow Wealth

Our decades of experience in helping clients create and grow wealth enables us to anticipate their needs and proactively offer valuable advice at critical junctures. We know how to help our clients capitalize on their opportunities and pursue their goals for financial growth.

Protect and Preserve Wealth

We work with our clients to anticipate a variety of risks they will face and plan appropriately for them. We can offer a variety of resources for this task from investment management services to insurance programs and business succession and estate planning. Through years of experience we know how to help our clients identify these risks and manage them accordingly.

Plan for the Distribution of Wealth During Life in the Most Tax-Advantaged Way

Our experience working with affluent individuals and their families has given us the understanding of the variety of personal goals clients have for their wealth. These goals range from funding worthy charitable causes, to providing for the education of children and grandchildren, to planning for the next generation to take over a business. We have a vast array of planning techniques that help our clients pursue these very personal goals, and to work toward these goals in the most tax advantageous manner.

Plan for the Distribution of Wealth at Death in the Most Tax-Advantaged Way

From the confiscatory tax policies, to the value lost when a business has no succession plan, to the distribution of wealth plan to heirs. We work closely with our clients, often across multiple generations to help our clients minimize the impact of taxes and work toward their personal goals for their family, their business and their philanthropic interests.